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State of the World in 2022 (Global Visions Forum 2022)

State of the World in 2022 was a lecture held during the Global Visions Forum 2022 event by Risto Marjomaa who is a University Lecturer at the Department of Philosophy, History and Art Studies at the University of Helsinki. His fields of science include the history of Africa and the Middle-East, history of conflicts and warfare, and global history. In this lecture Marjomaa discusses the state of the world in 2022 from a societal and ecological perspective, which he views as the most pressing issues today.

Introduction to universal basic income (Global Visions Forum 2022)

Petteri Räty is the chairperson of BIEN Finland (Suomen perustuloverkosto ry), that focuses on increasing discussion about UBI, advance implementation of UBI in Finland and follow international UBI initiatives. In this presentation Räty offers an in-depth overview of the concept of a universal basic income.

Panel Discussion on Global Basic Income (Global Visions Forum 2022)

Risto Marjomaa, Petteri Räty and Heikki Patomäki discuss the possibilities and challenges of a universal basic income implemented as a global project. The introductory remarks for the discussion are made by the founder and chairman of Global Visions, Max Tallberg and the discussion is moderated by the project planner of the association, Petri Lahtinen.


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