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Ground rules for Global Visions discussion forum

Members of the association shall be required to comply with good practice in their activities related to the association. A member shall also act in his or her own name, and not anonymously. A member who fails to discharge these requirements, acts in a manner that is contrary to the purpose and values of the association or infringes the rules of the association may be expelled from the association by a decision of the executive committee.

These rules apply also to the discussion forum. We believe in the power of discussion and that the best solutions are found together. This discussion should be constructive and based on facts. Other people or groups should not be demeaned or belittled. Hate speech is also not tolerated. Argumentation can sometimes be fruitful, but often the best solutions are those we have found together. We should indeed embrace an attitude of joint searching – not one, where the individual has in advance decided his or her opinion, and then tries to convince others to adhere to it. If we instead with an open mind genuinely listen to one another and together try to find the best solution to a given problem, this can in a natural way be found. By keeping these things in mind we make this discussion forum a good platform for all its members and readers.