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Virtual global citizenship is a Global Visions’ project that aims to guarantee all citizens of the world the same political and economic status, as well as the same rights and benefits. A global basic income is a way to achieve this.

By joining a virtual global citizen project, you will show your support for this idea and will have the opportunity to develop this project and participate in discussions on it. When you become a member of Global Visions, you will have the opportunity to join this project, but it is not mandatory .

This is a virtual global citizenship because there will be no legal changes in your position by joining. Global citizenship may be a real political opportunity in the future, but the time for it has not yet come.

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By joining Global Visions ry, you will be involved in building a better world. You can also be involved in developing the association’s activities and participate in the discussion sparked by the association.

Global Citizen’s Manifesto

Equality and justice are the two values that should fundamentally define the political order of the world. If these values are missing from societies, this impacts them in many different ways. Unevenly distributed resources are often the root cause of many other difficult-to-solve problems, from individual malaise to war and terrorism.

Now would be the time to change the world so that these two values could guide the global world as a whole towards a better one. It is also clear that the lives of every citizen of the world should be organised according to these values. All people have equal human dignity, which already has been mutually established, so that everyone can have equal opportunities to live a good and meaningful life. That is why I propose that equality and justice should genuinely prevail throughout the world.

Global basic income is the most natural way to guarantee a fair and equal world.

The most intuitive and simplest way to do this is to guarantee all the people of the world genuinely the same resources and well-being. Global basic income is the most natural way to achieve this. This form of income is the amount of money paid regularly to finance a person’s livelihood. A basic income is also a subjective, indivisible right of every individual and is paid to all citizens. This would mean that there would be genuine equality in the world.

The demand for justice, on the other hand, would be met in such a way that human beings would be supported globally whenever necessary. This is fair because all people basically want to live a good and dignified life. That is the case, even though the individual does not always know how to attain this situation. Supporting weak and poorly performing people is also fair because human success always relies on many external factors independent of the individual. A successful person is often talented and therefore has inherited this talent without being able to influence it themselves. Every person also has their own growth environment, and in this respect too, people are in an unequal position. A good life is often based on a good childhood, and the individuals themselves cannot influence this.

Global basic income, combined with support for people in difficult times, therefore meets the criteria for fairness and equality. Basic income is also a means of guaranteeing the freedom and equality of every person, at a time when the amount of this form of income would be relatively equal to all and everyone would be allowed to use it as they see fit. Because of their higher cost of living, citizens of the most underdeveloped countries could receive a relatively higher basic income than the inhabitants of developed countries, whose absolute basic income would nevertheless be at a higher level.

In the future, we can also envisage a situation in which the whole world’s politics are organised on the basis of a basic income. This would mean that each geographical area would be guaranteed an equal, sufficiently large amount of support, in proportion to the number of inhabitants and the degree of development of the regions. Densely populated and underdeveloped areas would thus receive proportionately more basic income for geographical areas than sparsely populated, already developed regions. This could really mean the end of politics and nation states, especially if these regions were defined in a way that is independent of the nation states. This would be a form of radical equality and justice.

As a virtual global citizen, you support the idea of a genuinely equal world

By supporting this project, you are supporting the idea of global citizenship: ensuring equal political and economic status for every person in the world. In this way, you also support the idea of a global basic income as a means of achieving this ideal. By joining this project, you are also expressing the wish that the world will organise itself in the future according to the model set out in this manifesto. In addition, you will be involved in the development of this project and participate in the discussion on it. Supporting the virtual global citizenship project does not mean renouncing your citizenship and replacing it with global citizenship. This may be possible in the future, but it is not yet in sight.

By being part of virtual global citizenship, you will only show your support for this project without any concrete, legal changes taking place in your life.

Source: Max Tallberg:A Citizen of a New Time: A Vision of a Better World.

Max Tallberg


Are you a person who thinks it's important to strive to improve the state of the world?

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