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One of the objectives of Global Visions is pairing up different organizations and agents with each other that share the central values and goals of our own association: pursuing a better and more sustainable world having justice and equality as its cornerstones. We here at Global Visions view that this aim should be furthered with a global basic income, development aid, the dilution of populism, the freedom of movement, the fortification of democracy and sustainable development from an ecological perspective. A special interest of ours is to cooperate with such quarters who have a global perspective in their activities. The model of cooperation is intended to improve the publicity of all the participants, to create new joint projects and initiatives as well as to produce various events and publications together. The objective of versatile and wide-ranging cooperation is to form an objective and truthful picture of the political, economic, social and ecological state of the world. In the long run, the goal of Global Visions and its partners is to realize actual, effective and sustainable changes in decision-making. This is the way we wish to participate in the pursuit of a better world.

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